Thursday, April 23, 2009


We just spent a couple days at the lovely, and recently cleaned, Plantain studios in DFA HQ mixing two new songs (more on that later). I took some pictures.

Matt and Alex comparing compressors on Alex's vocals. The main rack of gear, recently gutted by James who took most of the good stuff with him to LA. The beautiful and rarely used "Live B" room. While making the Automato record, this is where James and Tim set up a TV and an XBox and temporarily rechristened it "The Halo Room."Boneless Buffalo Wings from Atomic Wings. This is what you eat at Plantain. It's a rule. Once upon a time, Tim Goldsworthy did all his editing on big, old Akai samplers (if you're not a nerd, this is incredibly difficult and time consuming). In a stack of Zip disks I found some gems including a blast from our past in the form of an old Automato song. And...
...almost half of the Rapture album crammed onto one 100 meg disc and "House of Jealous Lovers."

Gavin's homemade modular synth, AKA "The Dream Machine." This is what he and Delia used to make their amazing "Days of Mars" album.

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  1. the S-Series. that's cool though but computers will be in our brains soon we can make beats w/ a few synapses it is going to fucking rule...