Thursday, May 28, 2009

New Remix

So after swearing off remixes we just took on another remix in the middle of tour on the condition that the label would pay for a studio for us to work in during our week off in Paris. On very short notice we found a great place thanks to frantic emails to the many wonderful people we know in this wonderful city. So we've been waking up at 9:00, getting our coffee, recording, eating some delicious baguette sandwiches, recording some more, then going to bed. But the studio is full of fun stuff we've never used before. So, if this remix sounds different, you know why.

Mmmmm, Jupiter 6.

Alex plays a cowbell on loan from ParaOne who was also kind enough to lend us a MIDI/CV converter. That's nerd-speak for "important."

Korg MS10, UA-6176, Roland Space Echo RE201. Just below it and out of the picture is an old Roland Flanger that Alex liked so much that he promptly bought one for himself on eBay.

Old Slingerland kit with fancy microphones. The remix has a drum solo. For real.

String synths. Arp Solina (totally out of tune) and an ARP OMNI MKII which, if I'm not mistaken, is what was used on "Love Will Tear Us Apart." Tomorrow we mix. Then we DJ at the Social. If you live in Paris, you should come...Nick


  1. Hey, I was *just* playing that cowbell!

  2. what's the name of this studio?

  3. An so again, what's the remix? Phoenix? Datarock? Another?