Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Chris Glover/Penguin Prison

So, I was surfing the interweb and I found myself on our buddy Chris Glover's (the hunk pictured above) myspace page listening to a remix he did for Marina & The Diamonds. It's super duper good. So, I googled it in an attempt to find an MP3 and found some blog where the dude was all, like, "this dude should work with Holy Ghost!" Well, he has. He sang backup vocals and played guitar on "Hold On," co-wrote "I Will Come Back" and has cowritten and/or played and/or sang on much of our in progress LP. In short, he's our bro. He has been since we were in Mr. Jaffee's math class and he was in Cake Museum and I was in The Laspees and we were playing shows together at The Spiral circa 1997. He's a very talented chap. He has the voice of an angel and is the best guitar player I know. He has a very cool, Morrissey-esque haircut. He can do an amazing Aaron Neville impression. He wears nice clothes. He's funny. In high school, crowds made him nervous. He can play "Bad Town" by Operation Ivy on the saxophone. So, yeah, we know all about Chris Glover. Enjoy...Nick

P.S. Those handclaps sound VERY familiar.
P.P.S. We know, our blogging game is weak. We're going to step it up.


  1. looking forward to you guys stepping up your blogging game. exciting.

    p.s. come to atlanta.

  2. I honestly thought that was Moz in that above photo.

  3. damn i can´t wait for your album
    that remix is great... i love this song