Thursday, November 19, 2009

Australia Dates Cancelled

To anyone who was hoping to catch a HG! show in Australia over the next few weeks, we regret to inform you that our gigs have been canceled.

Last week our dear friend and musical partner jerry fuchs ( drummer of !!!, the juan maclean, turing machine, maserati, holy ghost!) passed away in a tragic accident here in NYC. Due to these events, we have canceled our a Australian tour to be here in NYC with friends and family during these hard times. We regret this immensely. As you can imagine, this past week has been a long, awful blur and rather suddenly we realized we're just not ready to travel so far from home for what seems like an impossibly long period of time. We love Australia and are grateful to have had the opportunity to visit last year. Hopefully we'll be back again soon and we'll get a chance to make this up to you.

We sincerely appreciate your understanding.


Alex and Nick

Holy Ghost!

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