Friday, December 4, 2009


Hello Friends,
Sorry we've been bad about posting regularly lately. It's been a rough month…

So, as Alex mentioned below, we made a mixtape of all our remixes. We made 200 of these cassettes, kept 100 to give to friends and gave 100 to Turntable Lab to sell. 50 will be sold via their excellent website and 25 copies will be made available in both the New York and LA stores. As an added bonus, anyone who buys one gets a free copy of the limited edition, full artwork, blind embossed, Michael Vadino designed "I Will Come Back" 12". We pressed 500 and these are the last of them and the only copies being made available to the public. Go cop it all here

As another bonus, here are some unreleased versions of a couple of the remixes we found sitting around on the computer...

Cut Copy - Hearts On Fire (Jerry's Drum Dub) World's greatest drummer + 2 Space Echoes + Two Spring Reverbs = Nice.

Moby - I Love To Move In Space (Space Echo Return Dub) Just a bunch of pretty bits recorded directly to the super worn out 1/4" tape in a Roland Space Echo.

Only Fools & Horses - Spectacle Wins (Holy Ghost! Extended Disco Dub) When we did this remix we made two versions fearing the label wouldn't like the vocals we added. Luckily they did and that version got released. This is the alternate, instrumental, way more dubby version that never saw the light of day.

Hope you enjoy.

Lots of love,


  1. amazing stuff, as per usual - mixtape coppethed. now if i might cheekily ask for a dub of your 'of moons, birds & monsters' remix? always loved it but hard to get past the vocals.

  2. or maybe even a dub of 'i can see"?

  3. i am sad. i was too late.

  4. Yeah, me too, I saw this post but not the link to purchase it untill i saw it on another blog. Missed out. I really wanted the vinyl, I think I already have all of the remixes from scrounging the net.

  5. really unimpressed with the Turntable Lab online store... fucked me over on this one.

  6. care to repost the cut copy and only fools mixes? the links are expired!

  7. Hey guys this sounds fantastic but can you please (please) re-up the two expired tracks? Can't wait! Thanks

  8. Only Fools & Horses - Spectacle Wins (Holy Ghost! Extended Disco Dub) :

    Cut Copy - Hearts On Fire (Jerry's Drum Dub) :

  9. Hey guys i was extremely exited to know i would finaly have a cassette to play in all those old cars that u cant get ur ipod to work in, only problem is, i dont have a way of aquiring one of these anymore considering that turntable lab online store is out of stock and i dont assume they will be getting more, if they are great plz let me know, if not i would be happy to pay you guys over paypal if you could ship one to me here in vancouver, if you can throw me an email thanks for your time guys have a good one and keep doin what u do

  10. many thanks to William for reupping the expired links!

    I spent two hours poking around the TTL site while they still had the tape, trying to find enough stuff to make an across-the-planet order worthwhile, clicked on everything to buy, and then their cart system wouldn't resolve :(