Monday, December 14, 2009


I want to cover this...

...with Pat on drums, Gavin on his modular, Morgan on Rhodes, Justin on guitar and the DFA Celestial Choir on gang vocals for the chorus. It would be so awesome.


  1. DO IT. This afternoon.

  2. I want to hear the Mark E Version too, get a remix.

  3. strange double tracked bass line. you got the root notes sky high in the mix and then a bit of Entwistle slap bass through a sans amp or something similar. why is Roger playing along to an almost non mix present guitar line and not the root notes on a bass guitar? suspension of disbelief, it's all i get from The Who.. killer tune. sweet late 70's porn limo to bring our hero's to the "sound check".

    Holy Ghost dudes - Write your future songs with a 16 bar synth arp loop and 'rhythm section only' groove so you can show up fashionably late to your gig at tha' Garden . Be sure to make small talk with the rest of the band on the way to your synth rack. The camera will love ya.