Friday, October 9, 2009

a blast that actually deserves a read

Its rare that I open an email promoting a party, let alone read it, but here's one that is fucking brilliant. Rok ( promoter, dj, awesome dude) sent it out promoting our party tonight in Brooklyn with Dave P and JDH and, well, its spot on. He even sent along an attachment to support his case! Please see original email below and, yeah, come out if your around. - Alex

show details 5:06 PM (22 hours ago)


This week at Savalas, we’re stepping it up a few notches. Not that
things have been too shabby at 285 Bedford lately. In recent months
we’ve had such greats as Stretch Armstrong, Eli Escobar, XXXChange,
Cosmo Baker, DJ Ayres, Waajeed, Mike Simonetti, and Chris Devlin just
to name a few.

One of the best Savalas parties I can remember was a few years back,
when JDH & Dave P of FIXED played. The place was packed to the brim
with friends and fam, and the energy was through the roof. So when JDH
said he wanted to do a repeat, I didn’t have to be told twice...

Now, Josh didn’t want me to write anything in his honor, but F*CK THAT
SH*T! I gotta give credit where credit is due. I’m going on record:
When it comes to putting on large scale underground electronic events,
the party-goers and new-jack promoters of this country owe FIXED a
tremendous debt. It’s doubtful that this current “Electro” or “New
Rave” scene that’s become so popular in America, would even exist if
wasn’t for Josh & Dave. Face it, the dudes are pioneers. For almost 5
years, they’ve been multiple steps ahead of every major development /
trend in electronic music, and introduced New York, Philly and Miami
party goers to the likes of Soulwax, Simian Mobile Disco, Erol Alkan,
Digitalism, Boyz Noize, Optimo, Hot Chip, Booka Shade, Vitalic, The
Presets, and (literally) countless others. As a result, The Fixed
party format has caught on and spread like wildfire across the United
States, spawning an endless crop of imitators…

You think I’m exaggerating? Take a look at Ultra Festival's 2009
line-up (attached), and tell me that you don’t see a minimum of 10
ACTS that got their start at Fixed. Then take a look at the Ultra 2004
line-up and see if it’s at all similar. I think not!

I’d even go as far as to give Fixed partial credit for the public’s
renewed interest in Daft Punk, which is largely due to Justice’s
overwhelming popularity. Who were the first US promoters to book
Justice? You guessed it! So, Monsieurs Bangalter and De Homem-Christo,
be sure to make out your royalty checks to a certain Josh Houtkin and
a certain David Pianka.

Oh yeah, another thing – the Fixed duo doesn’t do all this for
accolades, to get groupies, or to get their pictures taken – their
motivation comes from a genuine and heartfelt place, such as the love
of good music, the advancement of dance culture, the craft of putting
fantastic DJ sets together, and let’s not forget the art of GETTING

So all you would be tastemakers, DJs and promoters: bow down and kiss
the motherf*cking ring. THE FIXED RING BITCH! There, someone had to
say it, and I just did…

As if having Fixed wasn’t enough, HOLY GHOST! of DFA are also on the
line-up thanks to a little financial assistance from our friends over
at Vice and Colt 45. In my opinion, Alex and Nicholas are some of the
most promising electronic talent to arrive in a long time - I’ve
thought so ever since I first heard their instant classic “Hold On”. I
remember Eamon Harkin had an advanced pressing back when we did the
FUN party @ Studio B, and everytime he played this flawless slice of
heavenly Nu-Disco, I would salivate at the prospect of getting my
hands on a copy. Since then, they’ve done amazing remix work for Cut
Copy, Panthers, MGMT, and have just released a superb new single “I
Will Come Back”, complete with a New Order inspired video. You can’t
be mad at that. I had the good fortune of opening up for them on New
Years Eve two years ago, and they slayed it, so I can’t wait to hear
what they have in store this time. I guess I’ll just have to HOLD
TIGHT - until tomorrow that is…



  1. you guys fucking slayed last night - thanks for a great set. post a vague tracklist if you can.

  2. thanks! the things i was most excited to play out were roy dank/nick chacona's new one "the fear - beg to difffer rough mix," jacques renault's new edit "norman's fire," and aeroplane's new remix of lindstrom. was really fun,

  3. i thought that was the new lindstrom remix. i was most psyched to hear "spaghetti circus" on a nice, loud system - completely converted me on that song (though I still think Reggie sounds like Tom Jones).

  4. thanks for post this... in a few months i'm gonna move to new york, and i think i already choose some of my spots!!! cheers. diogo