Thursday, October 1, 2009

HG! News Update

So...Last month we spent 2 productive weeks finishing up our LP with the wonderful Chris Zane. He has a nice, large studio in Tribeca and it was a real treat to get out of our bedroom-come-studio. We should be mixed and mastered by the New Year. So there.

The last few days Nick and I have been working in anticipation of the live rehearsals that begin next week. Mike and Tyler (Classixx) are flying all the way in from LA to rehearse with us here in Brooklyn. They're some of the best players I know and we're lucky to have them on-board.

When that's done, we head back out to Berlin, Glasgow, Australia and Asia for a month to DJ - then back home to rehearse more and get ready to go live sometime in early 2010. Somewhere along the way there's gonna be full art vinyl for "I Will Come Back," a cassette DJ mix with lots of guests, and HG! remixes for Kings of Leon, Data Rock, and Van She, along with two new remixes of "IWCB" by Drop The Lime and Newcleus.

In the meantime, here's a boring video of us figuring out the sounds for "Hold On" at home -- Alex


  1. hot damn that's what im talking about

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  3. When and where are you playing in Asia? I'm in Cambodia but will travel

  4. are you guys playing in new york anytime between end of october, early november?